• Debbie Curtis

What's in the Writing Pipeline?

Debbie Curtis, author of Grit: Successful Women Share Life Lessons Learned From Horses

Well, it's December 1, 2019, and 'Grit' is available on Amazon Kindle!

I'm happy, relieved that the upload went well, and proud that I have a non-fiction book that might help people.

But getting 'GRIT' written is the tip of the iceberg. Now, I'm setting up a mailing list, and planning interesting, educational, and informative monthly newsletters.

I'm also planning, with my cover designer, the rest of the cover art so the paperback version can get published. I know many of my friends don't have a Kindle.

At the moment, the ebook is also available on Kindle Unlimited, where readers who are members of that program can read books for free for a monthly fee. That program goes in 90-day increments, so I'll see how many pages get read. After 90-days, I may 'go wide' with the ebook, which means that I'll upload it to Nook, iTunes, and other platforms, and it won't be on Kindle Unlimited.

I'm going 'wide' with the paperback version, especially since Amazon's Print on Demand feature has the reputation of poor quality books. As in, they literally fall apart. Don't want that! So

the paperback will be print on demand from Ingram Spark, which also gives it a chance to be bought by librarians and book store owners. And I can sell it here on my own website, too.

I know, it's a lot of information! And this is just a little farther into that iceberg!

This is a learning process, especially since the publishing industry is changing rapidly with new technologies coming out all the time.

After the paperback version is out, and a monthly newsletter is in place for subscribers (I'm planning a few contests, freebies, etc.), I'm working on the next 'Grit' book in the series, which will be something along the line of 'farmers and ranchers have grit', along with a novel:

Honey Locust Farm, which is the story of teenager Dannie Donovan, the eldest of six children growing up on a horse farm in upstate New York in the 1970's. Dannie is torn in too many directions by family obligations after her mother dies, and must decide where her loyalty lies; with herself or her family.

This book may become a series...I'll see where my creative flow takes me.

Thanks for reading! Happy Trails,