November 18, 2019: And the countdown is on as I round the turn and head into the home stretch on the book. The release date is December 1, but I need to upload it to Amazon on November 27. Logically, I know that this is a learning process. Things will go wrong. There will be people who don't like the book. But, as a woman with GRIT, I'm giving it a shot. My next book will be better. There will always be critics who don't offer constructive criticism, but rather are out to hurt others to make themselves feel better. 

   So, those of us who have 'GRIT' carry on. We keep going to fulfill our dreams. For me, that includes working from home as an 'author-preneur'. I have the sensibilities of a farmer, watching the weather and planning my day accordingly, so I have time outside in the best weather for exercise, chores, and whatever else I have on the agenda. 

   I never forget how lucky I am! It's the simple things that matter, life pleasures that many take for granted: having a place to live, food for myself and my animals, health insurance, heck - health in general. I'm happy that my new knee (in June of 2018) makes me able to walk pain-free. What a luxury!

   Happy trails!

    Debbie :)

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle today, $5.99, and will be delivered on December 1. 


Currently, I'm gathering more and more women to share their stories. 

I'll keep you posted on the publicity tour!

September 11, 2019: I am thrilled at the response I'm getting. There are so many people who want to order the book already! What is extra special is that there are men who don't have horses who want it for a gift. I imagined it being  an inspiring read for horse women like me, and for young women who'd like to be involved with horses, or are already on an equestrian team,play polo, and other competitive horse sports. 

Needless to say, I'm already planning other books that will come next.