Successful Women Have Grit


  In Successful Women Have Grit, author and long-time horsewoman Debbie Curtis shares the success stories of women entrepreneurs and creatives. Learning to ride and care for horses is unique among all other sports because a horse is a partner with a mind of its own. Horse ownership teaches responsibility, work-ethic, empathy, self-confidence, and courage.


Rule #1 :  When you fall off, GET BACK ON.  Not only do you need to immediately conquer your own fear of falling, you need the horse to know that he didn't win. You're coming back to finish that ride, not rewarding him by staying off and leading him into his stall to relax.

This rule teaches determination. And self-confidence, too.

Rule #2: Horses eat first. 

  "Responsibility came from taking care of horses no matter what the weather. If you're sick, those horses still need to be fed, stalls cleaned, and turned out for exercise." Curtis says. "If the pipes are frozen, you break a hole in the ice and carry water to the barn. I've bailed water from flooded stalls with a coffee can, and crawled to the barn on my hands and knees during an ice storm. Like any good cowgirl, my horses well-being comes before my own comfort."

"I want 'Grit' to give women of all ages the knowledge that they, too, can be inspired and empowered by lessons from horses. If they don't have a horse of their own, they can save up the money for lessons, volunteer at a handicapped riding stable, a horse rescue, or work at a barn to pay for lessons. Not only will you meet wonderful equine friends, but you'll have a new circle of horse people surrounding you with warmth and wisdom."

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The book will be available on Amazon - coming December 1, 2019.

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I'm doing a happy dance - people are pre-ordering the book on Amazon -  release date December 1 for Kindle. Paperback, too!

This is the Kindle version, $5.99. 

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Life Lesson Learned From Horses:  Going for the dream of being a multi-published author. Book number one is a reality!

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